Would you like to work with us?

We're on the hunt for excellent, talented professionals to help us create wondrous animations. Particularly freelancers who can work for us at our studio in Old Street, London as well as those who can work remotely.  

Outside of awesome skills, prospective applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • A high level of professionalism in how you go about your work. From saving and naming files, to punctuality, to clear communication and most importantly an ability to independently manage your workflow and hit deadlines.
  • A good sense of fundamental design principals. From colour to composition to typography. You don't need to have practical skills in every single area but you do need to have an understanding of what generally makes things tick from a visual perspective.
  • Strong listening skills, including the ability to work to a brief and understand and engage with feedback in a collaborative environment.

Below are the roles we are looking to fill and the skills needed to fill them. If you have those skills please let us know at hello@fifthstorey.co.uk. At this time we're only looking for artists with professional experience and the showreel material to demonstrate it.

Many thanks for your time.

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Character Animator - Moho / Anime Studio Pro

An experienced character animator comfortable in this ace software. You'll be primarily working with pre-rigged puppets but a strong understanding of Moho rigs, drawing tools, prop parenting and creating custom switch layers would be very helpful.

What we are looking for most of all are animators who understand the core principles of bringing 2D characters to life on screen. Artists who can animate weight, expression, and movement in a range of styles from comically exaggerated to natural. Can you animate characters who make an audience laugh, smile, gasp or recoil? If so then we want to talk to you.


After Effects Animator / Layout Artist

This is a multi-purpose role for someone experienced in using After Effects for narrative 2D animation. It will involve layout, background animation, some motion graphics and 2D VFX. You should have a strong understanding of how to layer vector artwork into scenes with depth and camera motion and the skills to blend illustrated and animated elements together into a single composition using grading, adjustment layers and 2D effects. You will also need a good understanding of movement and keyframe motion graphs.

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2D Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Someone who can design and produce props and backgrounds for narrative animation, preferably in Adobe Illustrator. You will need to demonstrate a range of illustrative styles and strong understanding of composition and colour. Ideally you will have some understanding of the animation process and a willingness to work collaboratively with animators so that the artwork can be brought to life.